6 September 2021

F. Fonseca extends the offer regarding UPS range, with the new INVT brand

INVT, integrated in the energy segment, represents F.Fonseca's most recent investment in quality uninterrupted power supply units.
Since 2002 the brand has operated in automation and electrical energy (UPS's) areas, assuming a commitment to supply based on competence and the high quality of its products and services, generating greater competitiveness on the part of its customers.
2010 is the year that marks the company's life due to its listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Currently, INVT has 16 branches, with around 3,000 employees in more than 30 offices nationwide and 8 branches internationally. The brand thus covers more than 60 countries with a very wide distribution network.
INVT also represents the only Inverter Technology Research and Development Center in Shenzhen.
Learn more about it at www.ffonseca.com/invt.
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