6 September 2021

F.Fonseca 2021 training catalog - The future today

By the time this catalog is published and especially by the message and vision it carries, this document will irreparably mark F.Fonseca's history.
We present, for the first time, the project of our new Formation Center. A modern and multidisciplinary building, open to the entire community, which will be home to the differentiating knowledge that we are so proud to promote. We take responsibility and challenge to be leaders in Portugal in technical training geared to our areas of expertise.
More and better Partnerships, testimonials from leading professionals and a record number of training actions also embody all the vigor and irreverence of our activity.
This catalog reflects the difficulties and hardships we have gone through, but above all it represents the hope for a better future.
We always believe that there are no inevitabilities. Only challenges and opportunities!
Flip through the publication at ffonseca.com/downloads
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