16 December 2020

F.Fonseca is part of the National Technical Commission for Safety of Machines and Tools

It is with great pride that we announce F.Fonseca presence at CT 40. The representative in this respected National commission is Hernâni Rodrigues, director of the Technical Assistance Service, certified specialist in machinery safety by SICK and recently certified as an application specialist Safety in Machines, where he is an integral member, in this National technical committee, chaired by Mr. Eng. Alberto Fonseca (CATIM).
A work for the benefit of the National community
Among other established rules, that of defending consensus and good governance, it is one of those that are part of the code of conduct of the members and experts of this committee, who recognize that the rules confer confidence and that these are elaborated for the benefit of the country, citizens, organizations and society in general, overriding the individual interests of any person or institution, striving to improve the production of standards and other normative documents within the established scope, not harming or preventing their normal development.
IPQ is the National Standardization Organization (ONN) in Portugal that ensures the coordination of the Standardization Subsystem, with the objective of effectively managing the normative process, with a view to the edition of normative documents, promoting the appropriate conditions for the participation of interested parties in the development, maintenance, dissemination, distribution and management of the national regulatory collection. It provides all Portuguese entities, which express an interest in an active involvement in the normative works in progress within the European or International Standardization Organizations, the conditions to do so with full participation.
We believe that this active participation will translate into greater added value across all levels, where technical knowledge related to the safety of machines and tools, contributes to a fundamental contribution to a safer and healthier industrial environment.
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