1 March 2023

F.Fonseca is supporting for the 4th consecutive year Operação Nariz Vermelho

Laughter cannot be explained, it’s not measurable, but it can be highly contagious!
By completing F.Fonseca’s yearly evaluation questionnaire, our clients are participating, as is habit, in a solidarity action.
In 2022, we kept our support of Operação Nariz Vermelho, and each answer to our questionnaire translated in a 5€ donation. 745€ was the amount generated, delivered to the institution in February of 2023, who received it with a deep sense of gratitude.
It’s important to remember that, together, we can make a difference in the lives of the 53 000 children in hospice care!
Learn how you can help as well.
And it’s not just the children that the Clown Doctors help…
My eldest son, now 7 years old, was just 2 months old when he was hospitalized with acute bronchiolitis (…) I was still getting used to the idea of being a mother when this big trial of life was presented to me. My soul was hurting, my heart felt tight… but on the day the Clown Doctors paid us a visit, it was me they cheered.
Filipa Machado
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