16 December 2020

F.Fonseca joins the direction of KNX PARTNERS in Portugal

João Toito, product manager of the Building Technology area at F.Fonseca is one of the most recent members of the association's, with the aim of adding knowledge and value to all interested parties.

The driving force behind KNX is the KNX Association, a group of leading companies, active in many areas related to home and building control. Currently, KNX has about 500 associate members, responsible for more than 80% of the control devices for homes and buildings sold in Europe. As a common objective, these companies promote the development of building installation systems in general and KNX as the only worldwide open NORM for the control of homes and buildings. The international KNX International Association has partnership agreements with approximately 85,000 installation companies in approximately 190 countries, more than 120 technical universities and approximately 500 KNX training centers.
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