6 October 2016

Glare Contrast Sensor from Sick

F.Fonseca presents Glare contrast sensors from Sick

Sick's Glare contrast sensor has been specially designed to recognize and differentiate objects based on their brightness in order to control production processes.
The Glare sensor analyzes the spatial distribution of reflected light through the use of Delta-S technology, which allows the sensor to determine the level of brightness of smooth surfaces and to differentiate between objects with different levels of brightness. The measurement result is transmitted to the process controller via 2 digital or IO-Link outputs. Different operating modes are available, making the Glare perfectly suited for different applications. The combination of intelligent signal evaluation algorithms, multi-sensor detection and sensitivity adjustments ensure increased operation safety in industrial applications. The IO-Link interface allows the sensor to be integrated into the machine controller, presenting an automatic configuration, oriented to the manufacturing process, with online diagnostics.
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