28 March 2022

Improve the life cycle of your machine with Mitsubishi Electric's MAISART technology

F.Fonseca follows the predictive maintenance evolution with Mitsubishi Electric technology MAISART
In the theme of Predictive Maintenance, with the evolutions we live, technology is increasingly associated with maintenance in order to increase the life cycle of machines. In this sense, Mitsubishi Electric has integrated AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology in its equipment, which allows to obtain more information about the true state of the equipment and provide more realistic predictions of maintenance times, preventing serious failures of key components of the systems.

MAISART stands for "Mitsubishi Electric's AI creates the State-of-the-ART in technology," and this is Mitsubishi Electric's brand of AI technology that aims to make its equipment smarter.
This will be Mitsubishi's clear trend: integrate AI (Artificial Intelligence) into its equipment and create diagnostic and self-diagnostic tools to extract the maximum benefit and performance from them, without the user needing in-depth knowledge of the products.
This technology enables its users to teach the equipment about its normal operation, so that when the parameters start to diverge from this range, the limit regarding its correct operation can be calculated and displayed, and predictive maintenance can be carried out before a catastrophic failure of the equipment can occur.
Mitsubishi already has this type of technology incorporated into several of its basic products such as the ESCs of the new FR-E800 range, as well as the new range of MR-J5 Servomotors and MELFA FR Robots.
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