27 July 2021

Industrial and modular touch panel computer TPC-B510 from Advantech

F.Fonseca presents industrial and modular touch panel computer TPC-B510 from Advantech
The flexible modularized technology design allows users to change the monitor size or computer CPU performance according to their usage demands.
Advantech's TPC-B510 computing box module, as a member of the Modular Series TPC family, is powered by 8th generation Intel Core processors. With its compact and fanless design, TPC-B510 delivers high performance that not simply meets your demands for a daily-operation control panel, but a genuine Industry 4.0-era-tailored Industrial PC that features bountiful I/Os including four USB 3.1 ports, expansions with M.2 NVME SSD and 5G/Wi-Fi module support for ultra speed data transmission.

With an easy pairing with modular series FPM module, the whole system makes an IP66-grade powerful Panel PC that ranges from 12.1" to 23.8" with up to FHD resolution, adapting to your corporate demands both visually and technically.
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