23 March 2022

Mitsubishi Electric FX5 PLC Family + Crevis Remote Modules

F F.onseca presents Mitsubishi Electric FX5 PLC Family + Crevis Remote Modules
Your network up and running in 5 min or the PLC is free!
Crevis specializes in the development and manufacturing of network communication modules for industry.
The FX5U from Mitsubishi, with a high processing power, built-in functions for positioning and axis control and integrated Ethernet network port, combined with the G-Series range of network modules for switchboard from Crevis, meet the new needs of remote I/O connection, with a reliable communication system via CC-Link IE Field Basic high performance and fast commissioning.
With the latest CC-Link IE Field Basic communication network, interoperability between FX5U and G-Series modules is even more effective and easy to configure. This symbiosis allows for easier integration, which greatly reduces the implementation costs of these systems.
The CC-Link IE Field Basic network uses standard Ethernet technology, supporting TCP/IP protocol in communications.
*Testing and validation of the configuration under the following conditions:
  • All equipment must be previously electrified and with the connections validated;
  • All equipment must be in factory conditions;
  • Maximum of 4 remote slaves, with a maximum of 32ED, 32DS, 16EA and 16SA;
  • Not included the configuration with special modules;
  • Valid until the end of 2022.
See here: Remote module integration in less than 5 minutes!
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