15 February 2022

Mitsubishi water solutions

F.Fonseca presents Mitsubishi water solutions
Mitsubishi Electric is a trusted partner for your automation solutions in the water sector, with over 50 years of recognized experience in Asia. Mitsubishi Electric is synonymous with high quality and reliable automation solutions in water distribution and treatment, wastewater treatment and irrigation, with highly robust products and complete solutions in the field, processing, monitoring and control. For all projects in this area, Mitsubishi Electric has a wide range of products developed with specific functions for this sector, such as the energy-efficient variable speed drives, Mitsubishi iQ-R and iQ-F series controllers that are tailored to the installation according to the processing of each unit, SCADA MAPS 4.0 control and monitoring system and HMI.
Mitsubishi SCADA allows us to use open protocol industrial networks. This feature makes us differentiators in the market, as it allows us to seamlessly integrate various processing and control systems, capable of expansion, preparing your facility for the future.

By combining all the advantages of its systems, Mitsubishi Electric allows us to optimize water treatment facilities, not only minimizing the initial implementation costs, but also contributing to a more efficient and effective operation of each facility.
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