24 July 2023

New generation of TM AI Cobots Serie S, from Techman Robot

F.Fonseca is launching the new generation of TM AI Cobots Serie S from Techman Robot in Portugal.
This new generation of cobots, the S series, from Techman AI Cobot, offers a number of significant advantages over the current range. With improvements in performance, advanced vision features, easy programming, enhanced collaborative safety and greater flexibility, the S series robots are positioned to further increase efficiency and productivity in industrial operations, providing a safer and more collaborative working environment.
Compared to the core range, we highlight:
  1. Increased motor speed, with a 25% faster cycle time, in which the speed of the 6th axis is increased from 225°/s to 450°/s;
  2. A 70% improvement in repeatability to 0.03 mm on the TM5S, TM7S, TM12S and TM14S models;
  3. Upgrade of the control box to IP54, making it suitable for applications in harsh environments, with dust protection and water resistance;
  4. New joystick + touch screen, with dead man switch and RESET button for safer operation, combined with TM Screen (optional) to facilitate teaching, debugging and control via the TM console and stylus;
  5. Up to 31 PL=d, Cat.3 safety functions certified by TÜV in accordance with ISO 13849-1. ISO 10218-1 international safety certification, UL/CSA safety certification for North America and CE for Europe. These functions allow for easier and more flexible safety assessments, reducing the cost of safety configuration;
  6. TMflowTM 2 is safer, easier and smarter with an innovative graphic interface and more exclusive software. It includes dozens of function nodes, which are easier to use and bridge the gap between integration and application.
For more information on the new models, visit us at www.ffonseca.com/techman-robot.
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