6 September 2021

New magazine dedicated to the Water, Effluent and Waste market!

F.Fonseca launches a new magazine dedicated to the Water, Effluent and Waste market!
This magazine was created with the purpose of compiling and publicizing the most recent products and solutions, from our main brands, for the water, waste and effluent industry. It was a much-desired publication, both by those who on this side promote the solutions and who now have a new channel to transmit knowledge, and by all those who would like to access it and will now be able to do so.
In its more than 40 years of activity, F.Fonseca's vision is transversal across the various industries where it operates and their respective segmentations. The water, effluent and waste market is increasingly relevant, demanding and necessary and requires an adequate response capacity, both in terms of technical knowledge and support, as well as in the supply of the right equipment and value-added solutions.
F.Fonseca has a team specialized in this area that will always be by your side.

We therefore invite you to take a look at this 1st edition.
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