10 December 2018

Optical sensor HPD2 from Steinel

F.Fonseca presents optical sensor HPD2 from Steinel.

Camera multi-sensor system. Coming close to the future.
Detects persons in 5 individually adjustable zones! As the world's only optical sensor of its kind, it detects and counts people sitting and standing in up to five precisely definable detection zones. 110° angle of coverage with a reach of up to 10 m from a maximum mounting height of 6 m. Integrated, state-of-the-art imaging compares 150,000 positive images and 7 million negative images in real time. Ideal for managing meeting rooms, because it identifies actual room use, or for detecting unused office workstations for flexible desk management. KNX interface with temperature and humidity measurement, available from STEINEL Systems partners.

It has taken the world's best specialists and universities over 5 years to develop this system that analyses images directly in the sensor. With the HPD2 – HPD stands for "Human Presence Detection" – Steinel is making a quantum leap in sensor technology. Because HPD2 is the world's first presence detector that is not only capable of detecting whether people are present but can also count them. No matter whether moving about or not. At the heart of the human presence detector is innovative technology that uses a highly sensitive optical system in combination with a complex mathematical algorithm. The HPD2 also has integrated temperature and humidity sensors, opening up completely new possibilities in building automation. At last, not only light but also heating and air-conditioning can now be controlled in line with demand for the number of people present in a room. Identifying actual room use, the HPD2 can also be used for managing meeting rooms or for detecting unused office workstations for flexible desk management.
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