27 July 2021

Photoelectric sensor W4F from SICK

F.Fonseca presents photoelectric sensor W4F from SICK

With the W4F, high performance and smart automation are now also available in a miniature size. The miniature sensor is the perfect complement to the product range of a new generation of opto-electronic sensors such as the W16 and W26 and, thanks to the new ASIC technology from SICK, consistently delivers extremely reliable detection results.

This allows for versatile use in a wide range of challenging installation situations. Thanks to ForegroundSuppression, DoubleLine, V-optics and MultiSwitch, the W4F is a high-performance application specialist: Background suppression is improved, and flat, highly-reflective and transparent objects are detected even more precisely. In addition, the W4F as Smart Sensors make monitoring and diagnostics easier than ever before and enable future-proof use in I4.0 plants.
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