10 December 2018

Position sensor Temposonics® R-Series V from MTS

F.Fonseca presents position sensor Temposonics® R-Series V da MTS

I am the new generation.
MTS Temposonics® R-Series V brings very powerful sensor performance to meet the many demands of your application. The R-Series V is the long-term solution for harsh environments having high levels of shock and vibration. The sensors are available with Profinet RT (Real Time) and IRT (Isochronous Real Time) or EtherNet/IP™. Profinet IRT offers a synchronized communication with a minimum cycle time as fast as 250 µs. For time-critical applications R-Series V with linear extrapolation enables synchronized controller communication for any stroke length of the sensor.

The EtherNet/IP™ sensor supports CIP Sync™ (Common Industrial Protocol) and DLR (Device Level Ring) capabilities. CIP Sync™ offers synchronization between devices in an EtherNet/IP™ network, allowing for increased control coordination in time-critical applications. DLR capability provides a fault-tolerant network so that the sensor can be used in ring connection topologies when reliable continuous system operation is required.
In addition, the sensors are available with internal linearization which offers improved linearity for overall higher accuracy of the position measurement values.

The TempoLink smart assistant is an accessory for the R-Series V family of sensors that supports setup and diagnostics. Depending on the sensor protocol it enables the adjustment of parameters like measurement direction, resolution and filter settings. For diagnostics and analysis of operational data the R-Series V sensors continuously track values such as total distance traveled by the positon magnet, internal temperature of the sensor and the quality of the position signal. This additional information can be read out via TempoLink smart assistant even while the sensor remains operational in the application.

TempoLink smart assistant is connected to the sensor via the power connection, which now adds bidirectional communication for setup and diagnostics. The TempoLink smart assistant is operated using a graphical user-interface that will be displayed on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Just connect your Wi-Fi-enabled device to TempoLink Wi-Fi access point and go to the website URL for the user-interface.
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