18 March 2022

Power distribution podis® Charging by Wieland Electric

F.Fonseca presents Wieland Electric power distribution podis® Charging
Decentralized power bus system for supplying EV charging stations.
The podis® power bus system is ideal for distributing energy to EV charging stations. This decentralized energy distribution system allows a large number of charging stations to be connected with just one supply cable. This saves installation time, requires less cable, and considerably reduces the size of the distribution cabinet.
The connection components for the feed or power tap can be installed anywhere on the power bus. The connecting modules can be positioned quickly and flexibly using our patented insulation displacement connection technology. This beneficial feature removes the need for any cutting, dismantling, and stripping. The feed to the power bus can be placed freely – including in the center, enabling an ideal balance of the load on the power bus. This means that the number of charging stations on a section of flat cable can be increased without overloading the cable.
The modules for the energy tap can be placed anywhere at any time. As a result, extensions are also easy and require no major effort. What is unique is that these tap modules are available for both, fixed and pluggable installation. This provides crucial benefits if a charging station has to be replaced. By pulling and connecting the plugs, the charging station can be replaced in a matter of minutes.
Podis® power bus system is ideal to be applied in charging stations, offices, shopping centers, public buildings, airports, warehouses, logistics centers for parcel & post, production facilities, manufacturing facilities, automotive industry, among others.
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