21 October 2021

Pre and post-sales services for TM Collaborative Robots at F.Fonseca

F.Fonseca, as official representative of Techman Robot in Portugal, wants to help you have a better understanding of the most appropriate applications for this type of robots.
For this, we offer several pre and post-sales services so that you can make the most of your robot's potential, allowing you to optimize production time, productivity and quality, always respecting a secure collaboration between man and machine.
In pre-sales services, we highlight the introductory training to collaborative robotics, proof of concept, support in feasibility studies for the robotic solution and support in the analysis for the acquisition or rental of collaborative robots, through our specialized technical team, with permanent support of the brand. In the after-sales, our service focuses on start-up support, configuration and all the technical assistance that may be necessary!
Ask for a free demo, which can be done in your company and in your application. You can also opt for a temporary rental of the equipment, so that the proof of concept is real and effective!
Contact us through the usual means and find out more at ffonseca.com/techman-robot
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