14 February 2022

PT100 Compact Series Temperature Probes by F.Fonseca

F.Fonseca presents the PT100 Compact Series Temperature Probes

A variety of processes leads to a variety of needs, the consequent demand for modernization of processes leads to new ways of constructing temperature probes. The production of temperature probes is something that has been apart of F.Fonseca's DNA for over 30 years. Having the ability to adapt to new needs is something inherent to our company, that forces us to always be prepared to take the next step forward.
Based on this premise, we’ve developed a line of PT100 probes with multiple configurations that allows us to respond to the variety of market applications. Our probes with M12 or DIN 43650 connectors combine ease and reliability with speed in connecting or replacing probes in processes.
Adding to the possibility of providing a 4 to 20mA output signal, we’ve added signal quality to our probes, eliminating losses and noise from installation. We have added to our options the RS485 interface with Modbus-RTU protocol, in a extraordinary sensor with small dimensions and M12 connection. Associated with the DIN 43650 plug, we have a 4 to 20mA output signal and we can include display, for indication of local values, powered by the loop. The variety of possibilities for attachment to the process allows us to offer from the most common types of threads, to mobile accessories and attachment accessories to hygienic processes.
The experience we have allows us to develop tailor-made solutions, responding to practically all the specific needs of each application.
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