19 December 2022

Safety in classic and collaborative robotics training

F.Fonseca promotes Safety in classic and collaborative robotics!

Human-robot collaboration (CHR) arises from the need for men and automated machines to simultaneously share the same space.

Driven by Industry 4.0, this collaboration model promises work processes with a high degree of flexibility, maximum plant availability and productivity, as well as high economic efficiency. For this new challenge it is necessary to use the best safety technology in each application in order to guarantee trouble-free human-robot collaboration.
Machine safety expert Hernâni Rodrigues delivered this course for technicians and people in charge of maintenance/maintenance departments, health and safety technicians, machine builders, machine adaptation technicians and companies, and people in charge of accepting machines.

At the end of these two days of learning and knowledge sharing, the trainees should be able to recognize a series of concepts and definitions about robots and safety; identify the different types of risks and danger zones arising from the use of robots; know the requirements and/or safety measures applicable to the installation and use of robots.
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