19 December 2018

Solidarity campaign – A Christmas in every table

Another Christmas campaign comes to an end. And it was so successful!
We managed to collect 375kg of food and 200 packages of hygiene products. To reach these results, we were helped by many people, so we would like to thank you all for your involvement and solidarity.
Every entity’s support, both in the promotion as in the donation of goods, was very important to this campaign’s success. Thank you! These small acts help change the world!

Also, we would like to thank the two institutions we had the pleasure to help, “Florinhas do Vouga” and “Obra da Criança”, for being such a good example and working so hard to help the community.
Our company, F.Fonseca, donated 1kg for each year of existence: 40kg of goods.
Teamwork was incredibly important when we had to pack and transport the goods. We had close to half a ton of products so the collaboration of our people was essential!

We delivered the goods with a smile on our faces and were welcomed the same way. The reality in which these institutions live transformed those smiles in the best Christmas gift of all!
Our heart beats with happiness! We know our campaign is little compared to what needs to be done. However, many little actions together transform themselves in big actions!

We believe in a brighter future for these solidarity actions because “monkey see, monkey do” and, thank goodness, as the years go by, more and more companies and people help others through these type of campaigns.
We can’t thank enough everyone who helped us provide “A Christmas in every table” and bring happiness to those who need it the most! Thank you very much!
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