21 June 2018

Techman Robot Day - Come and meet the collaborative robots on September 20th at F.Fonseca!

Always aware of market trends and high tech solutions, at F.Fonseca we recognize that it was crucial to add to our portfolio of traditional robots the collaborative side, knowing that one would not replace the other.
Collaborative robots are suitable for different applications, this being the diversity we want to demonstrate and we feel technically and commercially prepared to better advise our Clients.

After a careful evaluation of the functionalities and quality requirements, which have always governed us, we have selected Techman Robot - a brand of collaborative robots that we trust and with confidence based on three fundamental points: intelligence, simplicity and security!
Techman Robot thinks, creates and produces collaborative robots equipped with a unique vision system being the first collaborative robots in the world with integrated artificial vision!
We invite you to be part of this reality!
On September 20, you will learn about the potentialities and different applications of these collaborative robots, the so-called cobots. Understand better when and how this new technology can be used in human-machine collaboration, demarcating itself from a confusing, dangerous and stressful work environment, with results at the level of efficiency and production much more competitive, always in collaboration with its operator !
Sign up by September 14 at www.ffonseca.com/tmrobotday
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