19 December 2023

Weintek's monitoring tools cMT Viewer, WebView, and VNC Viewer

F.Fonseca presents Weintek's monitoring tools cMT Viewer, WebView, and VNC Viewer
As mobile devices increasingly impact our daily lives, there is a clear trend towards using these devices in conjunction with industrial control systems. Traditionally, operators are constantly on the move to work with each machine. Now, with the introduction of these devices, operators can monitor machines remotely without being physically present, enabling more convenient and efficient monitoring and control.
Three distinct monitoring tools

Weintek Monitoring Tools
In addition to direct operation through the touch screen, Weintek HMI supports three distinct monitoring tools: cMT Viewer, WebView, and VNC Viewer, suitable for different scenarios. Each of them is as efficient a monitoring tool as the other options when used correctly.
cMT Viewer
Weintek's exclusive monitoring application allows monitoring of both multi-HMI and multi-user scenarios. Additionally, the security mechanism control token ensures that operational conflicts do not occur in a multi-user collaboration scenario.
An intuitive web monitoring solution. It is possible to monitor the HMI screen in a browser such as Chrome/Firefox/Safari without the need for any additional software within the same network.
VNC Viewer
A classic monitoring application. Those already using VNC can simply use it to monitor the HMI screen, sharing device operation with the user. In addition to all the described features, they can also be combined with Weincloud functions for even simpler remote monitoring!
Access a distant HMI using EasyAccess 2.0 and remotely monitor it on a mobile device with any of the tools. Alternatively, you can use the Dashboard service to gather important process information, compiling it into a globally accessible dashboard.
With Weincloud tools, remote monitoring is a breath of fresh air! Weintek's goal is to provide users with a wide range of mobile and remote monitoring solutions. We believe that by doing so, we can help companies adapt quickly and flexibly to changes and challenges ahead.
Eligible monitoring tools:
_cMT Viewer
_VNC Viewer
_Eligible models:
_cMT X, cMT Series
_cMT X Series
_All HMI Series
Choose the most suitable tool for your application.

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