Sale general conditions
All the ordering assumes that the customer has full knowledge of these General Conditions of Sale and its annex regarding Returns, Warranty Repair or not, which can be consulted at
The prices are always those in force at the date of delivery or, if there has been a proposal, the price and other agreed conditions.
Any changes that underlie these standards only apply if they are accepted in writing.
Regarding any supplies of goods, goods or materials, while not fully paid, F.Fonseca, S.A., pursuant to the provisions of article 409 of the Civil Code, reserves for itself its property.


2.1. Prices
- They are unitary, without special packaging, and unless express agreement, they are delivered in our warehouse - "Ex-works".
- Do not include any taxes, including VAT or legal fees.
- Can be changed, without prior notice, in relation to the Price Tables or, in the case of proposals made, after the expiration of the period of validity presented.
- Any agreed special prices, required advances or special payment conditions for integrated projects or solutions, will comply with the express conditions, but no financial discounts will be accepted on the advances.

2.2. Deliveries, despatches and delivery values
When made by our company, deliveries or orders are understood as account, order and risk of the customer, that is, Ex-Works condition of supply, except:
- An express agreement to the contrary, or
- Subject to the following specific and special conditions:
o Free shipping for shipments over 500€ in normal transport;
o 7,50€ shipping charge for shipments weighing less than 500€ up to 20kg and, when applicable, an additional fee of 2,50€ for cash on delivery in normal transport;
o 40€ for urgent shipping and whose weight does not exceed 5kg;
o Any other particularities in orders of higher weight, in any transport modality, should be consulted with F.Fonseca's Logistics services.

2.3. Orders and deadline
Orders will be conditional on the availability of stock in storage or indication of delivery deadline, even if probable. This is understood after receipt of order, fulfillment of agreed conditions and other information indispensable to the acceptance of the order.

a. Cash sales
For deliveries in our warehouses against payment.
b. Sales on credit
- Request for opening a checking or checking account, duly completed.
- Confirmation of the receipt of our account opening information, accepting the conditions indicated, as to credit limits and other conditions expressed in these General Conditions.
- The credit limit granted and the payment deadline relate to the normal continuity of supplies and sale on credit.
Maturity of the invoices 60 days from the date of issue, unless stated in budget, proforma invoices, proposals or agreed upon in writing.
c. Financial discounts (only accepted on the amount invoiced before VAT)
2% - When payment occurs on delivery, that is, on Cash Sales, on deliveries with payment against delivery or if the customer does so by choice.
1% - When payment occurs up to 30 days after the invoice date.
d. Special conditions, when specified and accepted / agreed, namely:
- Advances / signaling of order.
- Adjustments of credit granted by letter, and Stamp duty due will always be debited, and bank charges or late payment will cause charges / interest to be debited after 60 days from the date of invoice.
- Reforms will only be accepted if charges levied before are paid, if the amortization is carried out and the conditions are acceptable by the banking entities.

- For any delays in complying with the agreed terms for payment of our invoices or debits under these general and / or agreed conditions will be due default interest, calculated at the rate accepted or legally defined.
- Until the payment of the thing sold, the right conferred by article 758 of the Civil Code is reserved.
- In the event of a dispute, the Comarca de Aveiro is competent.

- The legal rules regarding guarantees will apply to our products. If the manufacturer / producer of the product grants a warranty period longer than legally established, the warranty period granted by the manufacturer / producer will be relevant.
- The products that F.Fonseca, S.A. sells are for professional use and the rules regarding such use will therefore apply, unless otherwise expressly stated.

- You must respect the F.Fonseca general conditions of Guarantees, Repairs and Devolution.

I-051/8 | Aveiro, 17/04/2023
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