We had 4 songs to choose from for the song that best represents Christmas.
And the opinions from the F.Fonseca team were very different, but the top choice for our Christmas single was the same as the top seller!

We’re sure you know the lyrics and when it plays you can hear yourself sing it!
So we’re gonna share 10 fun facts about this song:

The lyrics were writen in just 15 minutes!

Mariah Carey together with Walter Afanasieff, music producer, only took 15 minutes to write the song, compose the melody and the musical structure. In an interview with the New York Post, he producer said: “It’s definitely not Swan Lake. But that’s why it’s so popular. Because it’s simple and easy to like”.

It was recorded in the singer’s own home

The first draft of All I Want For Christmas was recorded in California with a band in studio, but the recording of the final version took place in Mariah Carey’s home in New York, this time with no band. Piano and drums were latter added to the song, for example.

The Christmas tune was recorded in the summer time

It’s inevitable to think of snow, Christmas trees and the typical decorations when talking about the song. But the single was actually recorded in august of 1994. And to get in the spirit of Christmas the singer decorated her house accordingly.

Mariah Carey almost refused to record the song

She was scared because usually Christmas songs are associated with the end of an artist career. Even so, she ended up reconsidering because she thought the song might end up being a huge hit. And it was!

It’s not the first of its name

The Mariah Carey version is an original, but the title not so much. The band Vince Vance & The Valiants already had a song with the same name, All I Want For Christmas Is You, published in 1989, but they’re nothing alike. Check it out here.

The Santa Claus in the music video is the singer’s ex-husband

Remember the Santa Claus that gives Mariah Carey a gift? Well, that’s Tommy Mattola, co-owner of Casablanca Record, businessman and the singer’s ex-husband. The couple separated 3 years after the song came out.

In royalties alone, the theme has already earned millions of dollars

Allegedly, Mariah Carey has made almost $ 520 million with this song alone throughout the years.
According to Business Insider, every year this song still makes millions of dollars “Ever since it’s release in 1994, the Christmas hit has rendered the north-american singer more than US $ 60 millions” according to The Economist – And that’s not all! In the United Kingdom alone, the song makes $ 500.000 every year in royalties, according to The Independent. If we include the royalties it will receive from other countries, we can say it earns millions every year!

It broke all 2018 Christmas Eve records

It was the most streamed song on Christmas Eve, in 2018 – it played more than 10 million times on Spotify, surpassing the single Sad by XXXTentacion, after the rapper was killed in june of the same year.

The song is also a book

The singer wanted to take the success of the song into literature, and so she created a children’s book with the same title.

Farm animals love All I Want For Christmas

Doesn’t sound like a real story, but we promise it is. In 2010, a farmer in the United Kingdom made headlines when he revealed his goats produced more milk when listening to the song o repeat. Coincidence or not, it was a big year for this farmer.
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