There are those who can make amazing wrappings with almost nothing, those who invest in the best material possible to have the best gift wrappings ever, the ones who make use of paper scraps from around the house or those who just throw everything in a bag and cal it a day.

All of it comes down to: can we or can we not do a decent gift-wrapping job at home?
Here at F.Fonseca our team is devided among 3 types!

35% - I suck at it 🏆
35% - Very good at stappling bags 🏆
11% - I'm a pro!
The worse the gift wrapping the more likely the person is of liking the gift.

Don’t waste time on gift wrapping, study says!

Picking a (good) Christmas gift requires a few ingredients: patience, time, creativity and an excellent memory. To those of us who weren’t blessed with these gifts, Christmas time can be a challenge. After picking a gift, there’s another (problem) detail: the gift wrapping. Yes, because even though it’s what’s on the inside that counts, things need to be pleasant to look at.
But is a bad gift wrap a sign of a bad gift? No, not necessarily.
Three researchers decided to explore the importance of wrapping when giving a gift and concluded that the worst wrapping surprises people the most. It's all about expectations. When we see a nice, neat wrapping, whether we like it or not, we get excited, which makes it harder for the gift to meet our expectations.
On the other hand, the worst packages end up not creating any expectations in people, which makes it easier to surprise them.
Moral of the story: just worry about the gift itself and don't waste your time finding the prettiest wrapping paper and the biggest bow. After all, it’s probably only going to make the gift even more difficult to open.
Even so, if you want to make your gift wrapping better, here are some tips!

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Simple but beautiful gift wrapping ideas
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