We asked our team members here at F.Fonseca if any of them ever believed in Santa Claus and we found out 5 still do!!!
63% - As a child believed in Santa Claus 🏆
28% - Never believed in Santa Claus
9% - Still believe in Santa Claus

Believing is a part of the Christmas magic, believing in ourselves, believing in others, believing in dreams, simply believing and making believe!
Did you know...

Santa Claus goes over the speed limit!

Due to time zones, Santa has 31 hours to deliver the presents to all the children in the world. In that time period of time, he has to travel 510,000,000 km, which means he has to travel at over 15,000 km per hour and that’s about 4500 km per second!

Santa Claus receives letters in the mail!

Although it is thought that the letters are sent to the North Pole, the truth is that Santa's zip code is from Canada. He has been assigned the postal code H0H 0H0 where he receives letters from children all over the world each year.

Most of the letters are sent from France!

Every year, millions of children write a letter to Santa Claus, but he receives the most letters from France. According to a study, 1,700,000 letters to Santa are sent by French children.

In Portugal, the only letter that can be sent without a stamp is to Santa Claus!

It is expected that this year the CTT Santa Claus will receive about 160,000 letters. The letters are destined to the most common places like the "North Pole" and "Lapland", but also to more imaginary destinations like "The Land of Cold" or "The Path of Stars".

You don't need a stamp, just drop it off at a post office and all the letters will be answered, but it's important that you have an address so that the Portuguese CTT Santa Claus knows where to send the reply and the respective surprise gift!

molaflex.com and ctt.pt

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