To some, Santa Claus shows up in our homes with a big bag of gifts, to others it’s baby Jesus who brings the gifts and to the rest the gifts just magically appear under the tree.

When we asked our team members at F.Fonseca how they did it at home most said Santa Claus is invisible, which means, the gifts appear out of pure Christmas magic!

57% - Santa Claus is invisible 🏆
33% - There's always a family member who dresses up as Santa
9% - Baby Jesus brings the gifts
Santa Claus is invisible and full of magic, in fairy tales, Christmas miracles and in the comfort of our homes, each one in their own way.
But when we leave our homes and look at how others celebrate, we see magic multiply time and time again!
It was in 2017...

F.Fonseca organized the first edition of the Christmas solidarity action “Bring a St. Nicolas to each Children”, a fundraiser of toys to donate to institutions of children in need.
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