We asked our team here at F.Fonseca who’s reigning at the dinner Christmas table.
94% - Codfish 🏆
4% - Goat
1% - Turkey
0% - Octopus
0% - Lamb

There are no doubts, codfish is the reigning champion at our tables!
But do we really know this gadidae?

10 fun facts:
A female codfish can produce about 3 to 9 million eggs all at once.

Codfish can live up to 20 years or more and weigh up to 90kg.

Codfish is a… carnivore! It feeds on a variety of fish, like herring, hake or monkfish.

Vikings used to fish and eat codfish, preserving it by cold air drying (‘stockfish’), one of the oldest techniques of preserving foods.
‘Cod Wars’. Sounds like fiction, but it isn’t. It wasn’t an armed conflict but a series of disputes between Iceland and the United Kingdom between the decades of 1940’s and 1970’s about fishing rights.

In cod fishing it’s equally as important to fish squid, used as the preferred bait. In the beginning of the 20th century, they’d even gift a bottle of liquor to the first fisherman to catch a squid!
Ílhavo (Aveiro) is the “capital of codfish” and it has 2 museums dedicated to the history of codfish.

There’s a codfish festival? It happens in August, in Ílhavo, since 2008, tourists and towns people gather to enjoy a variety of musical acts, lectures and delicious food made specifically for the celebration.  
Portugal is a bigger commercial importer of codfish than Norway. Because it’s a cold-water fish, it’s more common to find it on the shores of countries like Norway and Canada. So that made Portugal stand out and the biggest commercial importer of this fish.

They say there’s 1001 ways to prepare this dish. The “Bacalhau assado lascado” and the “Arroz de espinhas de bacalhau” are a few peculiar and tasty examples. In summer, it’s also common to eat it raw in salads.



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