When we think of Christmas, we think of various tipical moments that (almost) always happen!
We asked our team to complete the sentence “Christmas isn’t Christmas without…” with the option they most identified with.

51,9 % - Smiling when we get a gift we don’t like 🏆
40,7 % - Cheaters during family games
5,6 % - The family's, “pseudo-guru” of cooking, commenting on the menu
1,9 % - Arguing about who gets the TV remote

🙃 😉 🤭
We all know we’ve experienced what it feels like getting a gift you don’t like and having to pretend we do.
But this raises the question, do you know how to react in an awkward moment like this?

Say "Thanks"
Saying “thank you” is the least you can do when someone is trying to show you love in the form of a gift.
You can also complete your thanks with a compliment: “Thank you for your kindness”; “What a generous gift”; etc.  
Consider their affection
We all know that, sometimes, the job of getting someone a gift is not easy, but it’s important to keep in mind all the love put into the gift that’s being given to us.
Show gratitude through messages: “Thank you so much! I know it was bought with a lot of love”; “Thank you so much for remembering me today”.
Think about their good intentions
Think about the motives that made that person think you’d like that gift. Even though it was not what you wanted, their intention was the best.
You can react with a personalized thank you note. Link the object to something you might eventually do with it.
Ask question to find out why the person got you this
Ask the person what about the gift reminded them of you when they bought it, it’s always a good way to start a conversation.
Putting the focus on the person who got you the gift is always a good way to distract people from your reaction.
Smiling can be a way of showing appreciation for the gift.
If you don’t want to make your friend/family member uncomfortable by telling the truth you can always use your acting skills and do your best.
If the person is close to you, maybe opt for telling the truth. The person will be happier if you exchange the gift and actually get something you’ll use and like.


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