If we asked you what Christmas smells like, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?
F.Fonseca 33 team members picked the same answer but no one picked ginger as the smell that reminds them most of Christmas, how’s that possible?

61% - Fireplace 🏆
30% - Cinnamon
9% - Pine tree
0% - Ginger
Did you know an adult can remember scents from their childhood that stuck with them?
The 25 million olfactory cells from the F.Fonseca team, think Christmas smells like fireplace!

👃 🔥

In many countries, there’s a habit of hanging stockings upon the fireplace and on window sills.  And, in Portugal, there’s still people who say “put the shoe on the chimney.”

Do you know the legend that began this tradition?

It is said that long ago, on the third century after Christ, two brothers, named Crispim and Crispiano, were persecuted by the Romans for being Christians. They ran far and wide without direction until they got too far from home.
Lost and tired, in the middle of a dark forest, they asked for shelter by knocking on the door of a hut, isolated among the trees, on that cold night.
They were gladly welcomed by a poor woman who lived there with her son, alone. She fed them and let them sleep in her humble abode.
During the night, the two brothers decided to make some shoes by hand to give to the child who was walking barefoot.
They offered the shoes to the child, leaving them by the fireplace that warmed the house, as thanks for the, although poor, welcome that the woman had given them. And they left.
The story goes that, the next morning, the woman and her son found the shoes, made by Crispim and Crispiano, full of food and clothes.



It’s an inspiring tale that shows us the true meaning of Christmas: giving to those who need more than us, and think that as little as we have, we will always have something to give others.


Since tomorrow’s the weekend, make a list of things you have but don’t need, and that can be useful to others, and give them away to a charity of your choosing. Do it with your family so it’s even more special!




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