Whether you like it or not, in every Christmas there’s always, at least, a gift under the tree that’s socks!

We already know our team doesn’t like getting socks or pajamas but do they still get them? So we asked them if they’re the ones giving out socks or receiving them.

91% - I get the socks 🏆
9% - I give the socks
🧦 💖 😎
We admit, socks are a Christmas classic.
But if you’re the one giving them this year, give stylish socks!
Some socks for you to get inspired:
Happy Socks
Heel Tread
Sock Affairs
Projecto Volta

Get to know the top 10 gifted items during Christmas:

Are you still unsure of what to buy and gift?

What do Portuguese people most want to get?

33% Travels
24% Clothes
18% Technology
13% Jewelry
7% Perfumes
3% Other
2% Books

According to statistics, the best Christmas present you can get someone are travels. Technology and clothes are also great options, but you must exclude socks – unless the gift receiver has a big love for the item.
But still, if you’re unsure, the best solution is asking the person what they would like to get. A lot of times the ideal present is right in front of us and we don’t see it; a little question can solve the problem.
Other times that person has tastes we may not know about and, in those circumstances, you just won’t be able to get the perfect gift. So asking the person will definitely help your search.
And you, have you ever gotten or gifted someone socks?

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