Everyone has an opinion on the best day to decorate the Christmas tree.
Since we didn’t want 50 different answers to a single question, we decided to make our team’s choice a little bit easier.
All they had to do was tell us, between November and December, which is the best month to decorate the Christmas tree!

78% - december 🏆
22% - november
0% - Do it during another time of year!
Most of our team here at F.Fonseca decorates their tree in December.
Maybe they take advantage of the holiday on the 1st or are they waiting for the 2nd?

(We believe they don’t wait for the 3rd!!!)
Christmas tree history
Many centuries ago, in pagan cultures there was the habit of decorating green plants as a symbol of fertility and vitality. Already the Germanic people placed pine branches in public places and in their homes on the winter solstice to prevent evil spirits from entering.

The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree is over 500 years old. It is believed that this tradition begun in 1419 by bakers in the city of Freiburg, Germany. They started decorating a tree every year with gingerbread, apples, nuts and fruit. But only on New Year's Day were children allowed to shake the Christmas tree and eat what fell from it.
 Christmas tree tradition
The homemade Christmas tree, as many of us know it today, originated as a tradition in late 16th century in Alsace. This region, which is located in France, was once a German town. At the time, part of the Christmas festivities was to put up a tree in the living room. Then they would decorate it with sweets, nuts and apples. By the way, great evidence for this theory is the record of a Christmas tree in Strasbourg Cathedral (in Alsace) in the year 1539.

The Catholic Church was against Christmas trees, and claimed that the nativity scene was a significant enough symbol of Christmas. Furthermore, large forest areas belonged to the church, and people used to ransack these areas at this time in search of Christmas trees.

Only in the middle of the 20th century did the Catholic churches decide to allow Christmas trees. Finally in 1982, Pope John Paul II started the tradition in the Vatican. That year he put up the first Christmas tree in St. Peter's Square in Rome.

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