In theatre class in school or at a Christmas party, who hasn’t been part of a nativity scene?

How many stars, angels, wise men, Virgin Mary’s, St. Joseph’s or baby Jesus’ on that side, come on, tell us!
Around here we have 11 team members who’ve been a part of this Christmas cast!

80% - Never 🏆
20% - Yes!
To those who have never been a part of a nativity scene, or those who did and would like to do it again, Braga gives life to the biggest living nativity scene in Europe!

It's 600 extras in 90 different scenes!

The Priscos Nativity Scene has about 600 extras spread across 90 scenes, in a total of 30 thousand square meters. During your visit, you can see trades from Jesus’ time, such as shepherds walking their flocks, shoemakers repairing sandals of the time, blacksmiths working with iron, potters molding clay, among many others that you will certainly enjoy getting to know.

The Nativity Scene also has a very interesting social aspect, since it is built by inmates of the Braga Prison, who offer their skills and knowledge during the weeks before the inauguration to help bring to life the structures present in the scene.

As for gastronomy, there's no need to worry; the Priscos Nativity Scene offers a wide range of traditional sweets produced by the local confectioners, as well as Caesar's bread and even drinks such as mead, posca (a drink made from water and vinegar that the Romans used as refreshment) and sour cherries.

Admission is free, but if you want to avoid the queues and contribute to an institution that will make a difference in the lives of many children, there is a Solidarity Ticket that will give you immediate access to the enclosure.



The Priscos Nativity Scene can be visited from December 16th to January 20th. Don't miss this great opportunity to travel back in time and better get to know this historical event and an era so remarkable for the whole world.

Don’t be shy and taste the amazing Abade de Priscos pudding. The recipe is one of the few that Abade de Priscos, famous for his sweets, didn’t keep a secret – in this town you can even taste the original recipe!


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