At F.Fonseca we base our training offer on the unique experience and expertise of those who teach. We truly bring the reality of the workplace into the classroom and this can prove to be a great asset in the development of each trainee.
We very much want to be part of the education and training of the professionals of the present and the future. We assume the responsibility of contributing to the qualification of the labor market and, above all, to the professional integration of today's and tomorrow's professionals.
The specialization, knowledge and wide experience of our teaching team naturally stimulates creativity and divergent thinking. The techniques and teachings transmitted, arising from reality, greatly facilitate the understanding and association of the knowledge acquired.
We are truly committed to this mission.
We offer special conditions of access to our training to students, teachers, out of work people, members of the Order of Engineers and of the Order of Technical Engineers. But not only! You can also enjoy discounts when you enroll in all the training courses that integrate our training paths or if you do 3 or more enrollments in the same training. Learn more!
We really want to be an integral part of your personal and professional development. This will always be one of our greatest responsibilities!
up to 50% discount*
up to 50% discount*
50% discount for students from UA
Students from the University of Aveiro with valid enrollment in the current academic year.

30% discount for students and teaching staff
Students and teaching staff of any educational establishment.

30% discount for out of work people

10% discount for OE and OET members
Members of the Order of Engineers and the Order of Technical Engineers.

10% discount on 3 or more registrations
3 or more registrations in the same training course.

15% discount for enrollment in the 2 actions of the following training paths:
_ Industrial Electricity:
  • Industrial electricity I _ April 12 and 13
  • Industrial Electricity II and Instrumentation _ September 5, 6 and 14
_ Metrology:
  • Metrology I - management of MS's _ May 7 and 8
  • Metrology II - internal calibrations _ July 8 and 9
_ Oil-Hydraulics:
  • Oil-Hydraulics I _ April 19, 20 and 27
  • Oil-Hydraulics II _ October 3, 4 and 12
_ Pneumatics:
  • Pneumatics I _ February 2, 3 and 10
  • Pneumatics II _ June 14, 15 and 22

* The discounts advertised are not cumulative with other offers or promotions in force. Discounts for students and teachers are not applicable in actions with supply of material.

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