At F.Fonseca we never work on the 24th of December (this year we wouldn’t work anyway, it lands on a Saturday!), so we wanted to know if our team members like to enjoy the full day and wake up super early or if they prefer to stay in bed for a little while longer.
50% - Wake up super early to start getting everything ready 🏆
50% - Wake up when I’m called 🏆

There was a tie! Half wakes up bright and early to start preparations and the other half enjoys sleeping in and waking up a little bit later.

But what’s really important on this day is enjoying it fully, enjoy family traditions and make memories. If you need a few more hours of sleep to have the energy to last all night, it’s okay, we understand!

If there's something special about Christmas time, it's the opportunity to create happy memories as a family. During this time of year, we put into practice the oldest traditions, remember past family stories and strive to make the youngest celebrate the date with all the warmth that we hope one day to pass on to other generations. We always do this with the purpose of strengthening the ties that bind us to the most important people in our lives.

How important are family rituals?

These rituals are proven to be important for the well-being and connection of families. In practice, when young and old come together to repeat old habits, relive stories and laugh together, they are helping develop their family identity. And, there are few things in life as rewarding as the sense of support and belonging that comes with being able to say phrases like "In our family...".
Christmas and traditions (of each family).

Christmas is probably the time of year when it is easiest to nurture this feeling of belonging. Precisely because there are traditions that we strive to keep intact, it is relatively easy to gather the most important people in our lives around a table and feel grateful for the possibility of reliving happy memories.
For many people, traditions begin several weeks in advance.

There are those who assemble the Christmas tree on the first day of December, those who set up the nativity scene with the care of a surgeon, those who make a point of crafting Christmas presents in a do it yourself type of way, those who make lists of gifts that are carefully chosen in order to meet everyone's tastes, those who order the most expensive codfish, and so on.

Then, on the day itself, traditions multiply: there are families who wake up on the 24th with Christmas music, families who every year decide to buy all the presents on the last day, those who spend the day around the pots and pans preparing the best delicacies and, in the last few years, there are even those who post on social media the usual family photo. The possibilities are so many.
There is no point in comparing ourselves to others. Each family is unique, and that is deeply enriching. The most important thing is what we allow to happen when we look inwards and not outwards: when we share stories, when we tell our family history to the children, the sons and daughters-in-law who arrive, and the friends who join us on this day. The most rewarding thing is the laughter we share as we relive the unusual, comic, and even ridiculous moments that, from year to year, become legends.
So, it doesn't matter if you woke up early or late, the important thing is that you live this day intensely, in your own way!


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