Family together, Christmas sweaters on, dinner being prepared, we only need to set the table!

We asked our team at F.Fonseca if, on Christmas Eve, they used the really fancy china set that’s only pulled out for really special occasions.

57% - Yes 🏆
42% - No
🍽️ 🎄 💎 🕯️
If you also picked the really fancy china set now you only need a few tips on how to decorate your Christmas table!
1 - Pine cones
A lot of us grew up picking pine cones to decorate during Christmas time. Bring some of those memories back and make new ones with your little ones. It’s also a way to decorate without spending money and it brings a touch of nature to your table.
2 - Moss
Christmas in Portugal has always been a synonym of moss and holy. The Christmas journey of our childhoods started with finding the best patch of moss to create the velvety floor of our nativity scene. How about, this year, you incorporate a little nostalgia at your table?
3 - Wreaths
Wreaths are probably the most traditional decoration, On Windows, doors, walls. So why not on your table as well?
4 - Fairy lights and candles
Fairy lights and candles have always given a special feel to all Christmas decorations. Even is, this year, you have a small table, give it a little touch of magic and glow.
5 - Plaid pattern
Plaid patterns are one of this year’s trends to create a warm, traditional and cozy environment in your home. 
6 - Color palette
The more classic color palette will always be red and green. But if you prefer something simpler, you can use elegant little details. On the other hand, if you prefer a bolder look, including gold is going to create a daring and festive effect.
7 - Matching shades
If your usual decor has certain colors, try to match your table with the other decorations.
Be it the classic red, green and gold or more neutral colors. What matters is everything being in alignment with each other.
Are you good at DIY’s? How about a center piece done in macramé with a few plants, fairy lights and candles, etc. Give wings to your imagination!
8 - Food decorating
If you’re good at it and creativity strikes, you can even decorate your dishes for an extra Christmas touch.
9 - Christmas cookies
Let’s not forget the traditional Christmas cookies. Children will love them and it’s a way of keeping them entertained before it’s time to open gifts. See the recipe here.
10 - Little big details
Finish your decorations with a special touch. Learn here how to fold your napkins.

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