Christmas goes with handpicked outfits, Christmas sweaters, reindeer headbands, Christmas accessories or even a comfy pajama!

We wanted to know how our team likes to dress on this special night and so we asked the question: “Christmas goes with…”

44% - Christmas sweaters for everyone 🏆
44% - The most conveniente thing 🏆
11% - The fanciest outfit possible!
There was a tie, but we now know that at home our team likes to be, above all, comfortable!
Do you also wear Christmas sweaters? And do you know when this tradition started?
It’s a north-american tradition (United States and Canada), National Ugly Sweater Day, that’s celebrated on the third friday of December of each year. On this day, children and adults dress up with ugly sweaters with Christmas motives.
However, this ritual is not so old, having been started in December of 2011, when a group of students from the University of San Diego decided to create a website dedicated to the most ridiculous Christmas swearers that could be found in the United States to use during Christmas time. The initiative was a success, so much so that even news anchors from TV channels like ABC or CNBC took part. Some even state that the pioneer of this trend was actor and comedian Bill Cosby, who used to wear really eccentric clothes on his TV show, The Cosby Show.

Want to join this initiative?

Here are the 3 things you’ll need

You’ll need to buy an ugly Christmas sweater (the uglier, the better);

Wear it all day and you can’t cheat;

Share this day with friends and family.

Every year, thousands of people participate in this event and the organizers believe that’s fundamental so that the tradition isn’t lost. So, they ask people to share photos wearing their sweaters and put them on social media with the hashtag #UglySweaterDay.
National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day


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