There are those who plan and prepare, the ones who leave everything to the last minute and even those who are completely uninterested.

We wanted to find out with which of these profiles our team identifies with, so we asked them when they bought their Christmas presents.

59,3% - The day before Christmas 🏆
27,8% - Half a year before
13% - Never, I only get them
Tic-Toc. Tic-Toc.
Most of our team hasn’t even thought about what they’ll be giving this year. No worries, tomorrow there’s still time! Do you also buy your presents last minute?

Check out our Christmas gift guide for your last-minute shopping trip.
Leaving our Christmas shopping to the absolute last minute is something most of us end up doing. Every year we try to do better and every year we fail.
Although the day has been marked on everyone’s calendar, since the beginning of the year, things never change when it comes to Christmas gifts. As soon as December arrives, shopping center become filled with desperate shoppers trying to find their last-minute Christmas gifts. Let him who has never bought Christmas gifts on the 24th of December and didn’t have clue of what or where to buy cast the first stone!

Christmas Gift Guide
For the ones who still believe in Santa Claus?
Christmas is much more our little one’s time than ours, but are you still unsure on what to give them? Maybe opt for some more educational solutions, choose games that stimulate the brain and help stimulate development.
LEGO® is a game that helps in children’s development. Usually, it suits all age groups, for it’s dynamic design and versatility. Learn more about it here.
For friends?
When it comes to friends, the trick is picking something fun but functional, adapting your choices to each person obviously. Kitchen utensils for those who love cooking. A handy corkscrew for that friend who always finds a reason to make a toast. Or even a polaroid printer for the friend who loves to capture every moment she can!
For those who are close to us?
You can’t go wrong here! For your father or maybe your children, a smart watch that besides telling time and receiving calls also sends alerts to your calendar and registers your daily physical activity. For your mother, the ideal gift may as well be a scented diffuser. For your partner, the way to go may be some headphones for music lovers or some perfume for those who love to smell good. And for grandparents, a pair of fuzzy slippers or even a comfy sweater are some solid options.
I need a plan B!

You don’t think any of the previous options are the perfect gift? In case you still haven’t found what you were looking for or you really don’t know what to give someone, don’t stress. A voucher is always a great option. You only need the right store for the right person!

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