Holding on until midnight without peaking or shaking the presents is a very hard task, we understand, but is our team up for this challenge? The answer is Yes (for most)!

The rest of our colleagues either sleep on it or give up before the challenge even starts.

74,1% - Open the gifts on the 24th, at midnight 🏆
20,4% - Open the gifts on the 25th, in the morning
5,5% - I can’t wait and always peak

There are no doubts!
Be it the night of the 24th or the morning of the 25th, we all like receiving gifts, but… do we know where this tradition started?

Everything has an explanation and the exchange of presents during Christmas is no different.
Before Christmas
People have always exchanged gifts, even before Christmas existed.
During the Roman empire, before the spread of Christianity all over Europe, there was a pagan holiday where people exchanged gifts during the winter solstice.
Tradition Changed
In 336, the tradition of exchanging gifts got a redesign. The pagan tradition gave place to a direct association between the birth of Jesus Christ and the story of the Three Wise Men (Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar) to the exchange of presents.

Until today, this custom has undergone several changes. There were times when gifts were only given to superiors and other times when children were the only ones who received them.
The custom spread from Europe to the United States around the 19th century and later became widespread throughout the world.

In the past and in the present

In other times, before Santa Claus cheered the Portuguese Christmas and left the presents under the tree, it was Baby Jesus who delivered them. At bedtime, children would leave their slippers next to the chimney and in the morning, when they woke up, they would go to see what surprise he had left for them. If they had been good during the year, of course!
Nowadays, Christmas presents are exchanged at midnight or the morning of the 25th, depending on the tradition of each family.


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