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Techman Robot Training Center supplies TM Academic service. Our professional lecturers train over 1000 automation engineers every year, also train them to be professional lecturers.
Training Center also manages the knowledge community. We provide instant service in the Education industry through the education community.



Learning map & competency design
Develop robot & automation engineers’ competency standards according to the industry needs. Help schools to design the most suitable learning map for students.

Training course & classroom design
Help schools to design automation learning place, co- teaching by industry leaders, project-based program, seed- lecturers trained, according to the limited place and courses’ characteristic.

Certification training & intership
Supplies national certification services included: practice training, exam place consultant, internship after passing the training program.


Training robot kit
Especially for education!

With TM5-900 built-in vision cobot and working stand, it provides over 9 training modules even include PLC application.


Include: Built-in vision: Free hand guide, fixed-point positioning, servoing positioning, Conveyor control: Robot master, PLC master, Built-in AOL/OCR and TM Landmark for tray stacking.

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know more about
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