Network connectivity upgrade of device.
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The first step towards smart manufacturing is to enable network connectivity for existing machines.
_Traditionally, this is done by adding a communication/expansion module, a "special-purpose module" designed exclusively for the system; however, finding one for every machine can be challenging when there are hundreds of machines of different brands and ages in a factory.

Meanwhile, the “general-purpose gateway”, offers a viable alternative. General-purpose gateways such as Weintek’s Gateway Series support a wide variety of protocols to cover the shortcomings of expansion modules, helping to integrate different devices flexibly at a much lower cost.

Can a general-purpose gateway replace a special-purpose module?
_See if you made the right choice.



Adds a new protocol to the existing system.



Converts protocols between different devices.

             _Designed for the existing system to achieve seamless integration;

_Typically supports only one protocol.

_Provides many protocols to support different types os devices;

_Supports multiple protocol standards like, Modbus TCP/IP, OPC, UA, MQTT...etc., in one box.
_Programmed using the existing PLC software;

_Made for products of the same brand so the choice is limited while the price is exorbitant.
_Programmed using the software provided by the maker which is usually easy to learn;

_Available in various feature and price ranges to meet different needs.
_Provides communication only, so there is usually no other feature;

_Usually applicable only to a single system.
_Provides additional features such as data processing, database connectivity and remote monitoring...etc.

_Facilitates system integration and adds flexibility to system planning, given its communication protocol supported.
While special-purpose module and general-purpose gateway may appear similar when it comes to their core feature in protocol conversion, it is the general-purpose gateway that can tackle the problem where there are a great number of devices of different types, which would have been difficult with special-purpose modules. Furthermore, as shown above, the general-purpose gateway has an edge in connectivity, development costs, and feature offerings, and so does the solution it provides.

Smart Gateway

+ do que um equipamento de conversão de protocolos

Versatility, easy to use and cheaper global cost!

_Supports 400+ PLC drivers and industrial protocol standards: OPC UA, MQTT, and MODBUS TCP/IP;

_Provides data processing capability with its support of data sampling and event reporting of which data can be synchronized to MySQL / MS SQL databases;

_It utilizes email and push notification by EasyAccess 2.0 to instantly deliver device statuses, allowing a smarter way of site monitoring;

_All of the above are configured within the software – EasyBuilder Pro.
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