Maria da Apresentação da Cruz, Herdeiros

Maria da Apresentaçãoda Cruz, Herdeiros, in operation since 1882, is the house with the most tradition in Aveiro and where the most genuine and famous eggs are made.
soft. The current owner, Mrs. Silvininha, learned the recipe from her mother-in-law, Maria da Apresentação, who had succeeded an aunt, who in turn learned it from a lady who had brought her from the convent. The promise was fulfilled. Silvina Raimundo keeps the copper pot, the shapes, the way of stirring and the entire manual process.
In Aveiro (and in F. Fonseca) it's an essential delicacy on feast days, it's sacred! All trainees will have the opportunity to taste this delicacy on training days and also enjoy a 10% discount on the purchase of soft eggs.
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