Universidade de Aveiro

In the serene construction of the future and in the defense of sacred and permanent values, the University of Aveiro will rise” said Professor Dr Veiga Simão, Minister of National Education, upon the swearing in of the first Installation Commission of the University of Aveiro (UA) to December 15, 1973. The following year, pedagogical and scientific activities began with the course in Electronics and Telecommunications and its first 46 students.
Currently, the UA is attended by about 17,000 students and has 1400 professors and researchers. It consists of 16 departments and 4 polytechnic schools and is among the top 100 universities in Europe and 1000 in the world.
F. Fonseca's Training Department is associated with the development of the skills of professionals and students, granting 30% discount to the first ones and 50% discount to UA students in the promoted actions.
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