Hand-Held Conductivity Measuring Unit HND-C-Kobold

The Kobold hand-held conductivity measuring unit of model HND-C110 is a compact conductivity measuring unit with solidly connected probes that can be used universally. Due to the double display, both, the conductivity and the temperature value can be displayed simultaneously.
The HND-C110 model offers functions like minimum/maximum value memory, hold function, auto-off function, and AutoRange (automatic adjustment of the optimum measuring range). Due to the high temperature dependency in conductivity measurement, the manual measuring unit has automatic temperature compensation. With the improved unit HND-C110, the determination of resistance, salinity, and TDS are also part of the scope of functions.

Hand-held pH, redox and temperature measuring units HND-R - Kobold

The Kobold hand-held pH, redox and temperature measuring units of the HND-R106 model are compact and universally applicable measuring units for electrodes with BNC plug connection. An extensive selection of electrodes makes it possible to use the HND-R106 in almost all application areas.
The Kobold HND-R106 measuring unit offers functions like minimum/maximum value memory, hold function, auto off function and automatic temperature compensation. In addition to pH, Redox and temperature measurement, the device can display the relative humidity value. This is calculated from the measured Redox-value and the previously measured or manually entered pH-value.

Portable, digital pH/redox and conductivity measuring devices 202710 - Jumo

The measuring devices of product group 202710 are battery-operated hand-held units intended to define the following measured values: pH value, Redox potential and temperature, or conductive conductivity and temperature respectively in laboratories, industrial plants, in waste water treatment, in fish-keeping or fish-farming, etc.  
The devices feature a min. and max. value memory and a hold function.
To extend the longevity of the battery, the device can be automatically shut down within a time span of 1 minute to 2 hours. Continuous measuring is also possible. The devices are operated using a membrane keypad.
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