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IN SITU gas analyser GM700 - SICK

Measurement of gaseous components under difficult conditions In-situ and extractive technology.

High reliability and precision as well as minimal response times are the distinguishing features of the GM700 Laser gas analyzer. Based on the principle of TDLS and by using specific light absorption the GM700 from SICK is able to measure several gas components, such as NH3, HF, O2 or HCl.

The in-situ measurement is ideal for the fast determination of gas concentrations in process control and emission monitoring. 
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  • High selectivity due to high spectral resolution;
  • Short response time;
  • No calibration required;
  • No moving parts, therefore almost no wearout;
  • No gas sampling and conditioning required.

  • Unaltered measuring values due to in-situ measurement directly in the process;
  • Best application match by probe and cross-duct types;
  • High reliability during operation;
  • Also applicable for harsh environment conditions;
  • Detection of fast and short-term process fluctuations.

  • Ammonia slip measurement in DeNOx-plants;
  • Emission monitoring of hydrogen fluoride in aluminium smelters;
  • Ammonia measurement in exhaust gas of combustion engines;
  • Ammonia measurement in urea production or composting plants;
  • Hydrogen chloride monitoring in raw gas before scrubber in waste incineration plants.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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