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PowerCEMS100 - High-performance, future-proof CEMS for emission measurement.
The PowerCEMS100 continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) is an economically and technically perfect solution for extractive measurement tasks. This all-in-one system comprises high-quality standard assemblies and components and can be adapted to the application-specific requirements thanks to its modular system design. Retrofitting analyzer modules or gas conditioners is easy and inexpensive. The innovative PowerCEMS100 system is certified according to European standards EN 15267-1/-3 and EN 14181, and offers future-proof solutions for emission measurement and process applications.
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  • Cold/dry extractive analyzer system certified according to EN 15267 and EN 14181;
  • Plug-and-play analyzer module with 24 V power supply;
  • Control unit for displaying all measured values and status information on one monitor;
  • External sensors can be connected via prepared interfaces.
  • Future-proof investment, as the system can be adapted easily to meet future needs;
  • Easy commissioning and trouble-free on-site approval of the measuring system by the responsible authorities;
  • Easy to maintain thanks to a clear separation of the electrical and analyzer components;
  • High availability due to easy and quick replacement of modules with CAN bus technology.
  • Emission monitoring for small or medium sized boilers;
  • Gas, brown-coal, or hard-coal fired power plants;
  • Gas turbines as well as combined cycle power plants.

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