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Extractive gas analyzers MCS300P HW – SICK

The MCS300P HW is a hot/wet extractive analyzer system for measuring gases. 
It detects IR- or VIS-active components with variable measuring ranges for monitoring and regulating combustion processes and exhaust gas purification systems. The heated system components prevent the water and acid dew points from being undercut.
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This results in low maintenance requirements, high reliability and long-term system stability, even under rough and difficult application conditions.
The MCS300P HW from SICK can be quickly and easily integrated into the local distributed control system by means of an automatic adjustment device, a sophisticated operating concept and modern communication protocols.

  • Simultaneous Measurement of up to 6 components plus O2;
  • Measurement gas flow monitoring and gas pressure detection;
  • Temperature of the system components up to 200 °C;
  • Automated sample point switching for up to 3 sample points;
  • Automated adjustment to the zero and reference point;
  • Flexible I/O module system;
  • Extended operation via PC and SOPAS ET software;
  • With probe SCP3000 it can also measure at high dust loads and high temperatures.
  • Economic, automatic adjustment without expensive test gases;
  • Easy remote control by integration in existing networks;
  • Automatic control of the complete measuring system and probe;
  • Low maintenance and reliable;
  • Steel sheet cabinet;
  • Short response time.
  • Measurement directly at the kiln inlet in cement plants;
  • Monitoring of flue gas conditioning in waste or sewage sludge incinerators;
  • Monitoring at the outlet of the flue gas desulfurization system (FGD);
  • Monitoring of the scrubber in flue gas conditioning;
  • Process monitoring at the calciner in cement plants.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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