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Mercury measuring analysers MERCEM300Z - SICK

Innovative measurement of mercury in flue gases.

The MERCEM300Z mercury measuring system from SICK, monitors Hg emissions in flue gases with high reliability within the smallest measuring ranges (0 ... 10 µg/m³).

Due to its rugged housing, MERCEM300Z is suitable for the use in harsh industrial environments. Thereby the complete extractive system is designed to meet national and international regulations and directives.
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  • Accurate measurement of "total mercury" directly in a thermal converter (patented);
  • Measuring operation without using consumables;
  • Very low maintenance gas sampling using an ejector pump – no moving parts;
  • Integrated adjustment cell for automatic drift correction;
  • Automatic adjustment of the entire measuring system with a built-in test gas generator (optional);
  • Modular design with the entire system.

  • Reliable results of the actual measuring values of elemental Hg and Hg-compounds in gases;
  • Very low operating expenses;
  • Minimum maintenance expenditure;
  • Long-term stability without the need of a technician due to self-adjusting measuring system;
  • Measuring certainty using the fully automated adjustment with test gas;
  • Convenient and fast access for easy service and user-friendly remote diagnosis.

  • Emission monitoring in incineration of domestic and special waste;
  • Emission monitoring in combustion of sewage sludge or hospital waste;
  • Emission monitoring in cement plants;
  • Emission monitoring in power stations.

F.Fonseca is the representative of the SICK in Portugal.
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