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Control camera with display PB02-GY-W – Prisma Bytes

AI Face recognition temperature measuring & mask detection device PB02-GY-W.
A total Prisma Bytes contactless solution for tackling access Control in COVID-19 era.
Contactless access control & automated door opening with smart face recognition, fever temperature & Ai mask detection.
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The facial recognition allows contactless personnel identification.
Contactless temperature measuring for fever detection and warning.
Includes contactless mask detection and warning for disease spreading prevention.
Total contactless access control with automatic door opening/closing through relay output or communication.
  • Temperature measuring distance: 0.5-1.0m (0.75m ideal);
  • Face recognition distance: 0.5-2.2 m;
  • Temperature error: ±0.3°C (sensor made in Germany);
  • Identification accuracy: 99.5%;
  • Case in aerospace standard aluminium material;
  • Display: 7” IPS LCD Screen 736*1280, 300cd/m2;
  • Support 30.000 face database;
  • 200ms speed recognition;
  • Dual Camera: 1x Video, 1x Living detection;
  • 2MP SONY Sensor, 1080p@30fps;
  • LED Light: Infrared Light + White Light;
  • Visual Camera: 2 million pixel;
  • Built in Speaker support voice broadcast after successful recognition;
  • Waterproof: IP66 Rates;
  • Operating system: Linux;
  • Interfaces: RS485, RS232, RJ45, Relay Output, Reset;
  • Rated voltage: 12Vdc;
  • Panel size: 219x111x21.5mm;
  • Built in Stand size: 33x189mm;
  • Weight: 2,3kg.
  • Adopt deep learning algorithm to achieve the rapid movement of personnel;
  • Aluminium case for better corrosion resistance and heat radiation, longer service life and better appearance texture;
  • State of the art technology;
  • People without face masks can be accurately detected, required features can be enabled or disabled;
  • Easy-operation to connect to gate machines;
  • Excellent hardware performance.
  • Easy installation: doors, fast lanes, turnstiles, wall mount, floor mount, table top, standalone-hospitals, kindergartens, schools, offices, building entrances, railway stations, metro, gated communities, factories, government departments, retail, super markets, restaurants, hotels.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Prisma Bytes in Portugal.
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