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Industrial Automation

Compact automaton - MELSEC FX3G – Mitsubishi Electric

More for less
While being intended for smaller systems, the FX3G still delivers a powerful combination of essential features, plus more not expected from a controller at this level. These include; a large program memory to implement sophisticated algorithms, ample space for data storage, logging or recipes, plus high speed execution to enhance system productivity. A dual bus architecture provides flexible expansion possibilities for additional I/O capacity and communication functions.

Easy system integration
The FX3G can operate as a standalone controller, but for when integration with other system components is required, a range of standard features makes it stand out from the crowd. Mitsubishi builds in standard instructions that permit easy control of our inverters over a precise, reliable digital link. This makes it simple to connect an inverter such as a FR-D700 to provide more precise motor operation while optimizing energy use.
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  • 128 I/O points or 256 with Remote CClink;
  • Memory: 32000 Steps / program (EEPROM);
  • Instruction time: 0.21 μs;
  • Inputs: Sink / Source 24V DC (± 10%);
  • Outputs: relay or transistor;
  • Quick Counters: 6 (60 KHz).

  • Compact PLC 3rd generation;
  • 100% Compatible with FX1N;
  • Flexible and Reliable;
  • Real-time clock Integrated;
  • Integrated USB programming port;
  • Functions for positioning with three axes of control.

All industries.

Ref. A04521106
F.Fonseca is the representative of Mitsubishi Electric in Portugal.
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